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A team specilized in hospitality

Stay in Rome Apartments can provide the best housing solutions for your stay in the Eternal City. All our apartments are selected by a Hospitality specialized team. Located in the most attractive areas of Rome, we ensure our apartments have all the necessary requirements such as being serviced on a daily or weekly basis, broadband internet access, airport transfers and more. Our hospitality team takes care of all aspects with dedication and professionalism, making our guests Roman experience unique and authentic.

Per tutti coloro che amano viaggiare entrando in contatto con le atmosfere tipiche del luogo che visitano, il nostro team specializzato nell’ ospitalità cura personalmente ogni aspetto con professionalità e dedizione.

Our goal is to make you spend an unforgettable stay in our city, by making you feel at home.

Selecting one of our holiday homes means, not only receiving the best in terms of service and comfort, but also having the guarantee of a tailored hospitality service, aimed to satisfy any specific needs. Our staff will always welcome you on your check in day and assist you during the whole stay!


Stay in Rome Apartments staff is selected and well trained to best serve the needs of each individual customer

Daniele Barbera

I am born in a small town in Puglia but I have been living in Rome all my life. In this wonderful city, I grew up and I achieved my degree in Biology. For years, I worked in the pharmaceutical industry, developing my commercial and communication skills. I have always believed that the most rewarding thing is to know the world, but not only exploring new places but also meeting people from all over. For this reason, I have changed my career and embraced Stay in Rome Apartments project. Worldwide travelers eventually come to Rome and discover its beauties and treasures. To these people I wish to reveal the secret of my city, by offering a specific accommodation type, which represents a constant landmark and a well-being private corner.

Alessia Tordi

Born and lived in Rome until my diploma in Tourism. I then moved to London where I lived, studied and worked for 7 years. Working in multicultural environments made me gain a great confidence in relationships, developing a great capacity of communication. Eventually I returned to my city where a company operating in the UN peacekeeping mission’s context hired me. After 10 years, I developed strong commercial, intermediation and customer service skills.
I like to transfer my experience and passion to our guests, trying to offer a different and efficient service, with the main aim to make them feel at home in a magic atmosphere that only Rome can offer.

Roberto Fustini

For years, I have made my experience available to Stay in Rome Apartments, from administration to guest’s hospitality duties. I have done it with joy, because I share the company philosophy and because one of my greatest passion is traveling. From here the desire to provide, warmth and security to those who visit the city where I live, I do my best when I get fully involved with something I love. Beyond this, there is another “read thread” that connects my life to Stay in Rome Apartments project: writing. I started with small compositions, with poems, then stories and eventually novels. Writing is still my biggest passion today; combining my stories writing with taking care of Stay in Rome Apartments blog, is my new challenge.

Massimiliano Franciosi

I was born in Rome and I have always lived here.
I worked for more than 10 years as IT consultant. I have traveled enough to understand that embarking on an adventure and getting away from your ordinary life for a while is an extraordinary feeling of freedom. Considering the old existence of Rome, today we walk on the same soil, same hill, we can touch the same columns and walls of two thousand years ago. Rome makes you feel inside, penetrated by the great decrees of destiny.
This makes me love my city and led me to share Stay in Rome Apartments project: make Eternal city guests’ stay, more reliable and suggestive.

Flavio Rossi

After a 10 years’ experience between Italy and Spain, working in the art and culture environment, from teaching to museum maintenance, I returned to my city. I experienced several work contexts, apparently different from each other, but united by the orientation to tourism and travel theme.
After a long experience in a hotel and three years as art gallery manager in a famous tourist destination, I have chosen to offer my experience to people who love Rome as destination.
My other two passions are working on ceramics and cooking! Both my passion are shared with Stay in Rome Apartment, check our services page!

Pierfrancesco Ruospo