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Short-term rentals and Corporate Housing in Rome

Stay in Rome Apartments is a service company specialized in Vacation rentals and Corporate Housing in Rome.

Stay in Rome Apartments is a service company created by holiday homes and tourist rentals owners. We provide our knowledge to owners who want to invest in the Tourist Rental and Corporate Housing markets in Rome. Relying on Stay in Rome Apartments means innovative and practical solutions to make you earn by renting your property for short and medium periods. Temporary rentals, holiday homes, tourist rentals and guesthouses.

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Tourist rentals and Corporate Housing in Rome

Earn with your apartment, Stay in Rome Apartments is your hassle free choice.

Stay in Rome Apartments is your ideal partner; together you will make your new business grow.

With Stay in Rome Apartments, your apartment is always in perfect condition and ready to welcome new customers from all over the world, guaranteeing to properties owner professionalism and reliability. Each apartment will be advertised and appear on the main OTA channels, obtaining maximum visibility and reservations increase, thanks to an innovative optimization rate and revenue management system. Many apartments’ owners in Rome have already been making money with Stay in Rome Apartments, discover our services now. Earn money hassle free thanks to Stay in Rome Apartments.

Our experience as apartments’ owners dedicated to our clients!

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The Nasone , the fountains of Rome

THE NASONE , the fountains of Rome  Nasone is the street name, fontanella is the “formal” name.   This is the name of the public fountains made of cast iron that are spread all over the city, from downtown to the perimeter of the city. The name comes from the shape of the tap that looks like a [...]

What can I do with my children in Rome?

What can I do with my children in Rome? Villa Borghese. Head to this gigantic park for the green space and the zoo. In addition, kids can pedal a bike or go-kart, or take a ride on the Bioparco Express train (Web site: which circumnavigates the zoo. The Villa Borghese’s museum, the Galleria Borghese, [...]

Rome Pride 2022

Rome is one of Europe’s great cities and the annual gay pride festivities are truly spectacular. The Eternal City includes a lively parade and plenty of celebrations. Despite being home to the Vatican, there is no stopping this event which has been running since 1994. The first World Pride took place in Rome in 2000 [...]